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Placewise Talks 2021: The Omnichannel Shopping Centre (APAC)

November 10th, 2021 | 10:00-16:00 SGT

Get a global perspective on the shopping centre industry from retail real estate insiders and other thought leaders. Hear thoughtful conversations on the future form & function of shopping places, the “Apocalypse”, ecommerce marketplaces, and what’s happening in Asia Pacific retail, to “Keeping Score” - metrics measurements, and data of property performance.

Join us for 5 jam-packed sessions and an incredible keynote conversation with Mark Pilkington, Futurist, Global Retail Consultant, and Author of Retail Therapy Why The Retail Industry Is Broken And What Can Be Done To Fix It, and more recently, Retail Recovery.

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Retail Recovery: How Creative Retailers Are Winning in Their Post-Apocalyptic World

Mark Pilkington has surveyed the post-Covid state of retail around the world in his new book, Retail Recovery. He focuses in on the strengths of both ecommerce and physical stores and how they are coming together by blending the practical efficiencies of digital with the emotional and experiential strengths of the physical store.

We’ll have an in-depth discussion that covers the pre-Covid structural issues in retail and how the meteoric rise of ecommerce during the past 18 months is impacting retailers and shopping centers as we head towards a post-Covid world.


Session 1: Physical Digital Experiential

Join us as we explore how shopping center design is changing and how it is embracing the digitally empowered consumer. From architecture, community, and the development of “3rd spaces” that seamlessly provide for social interactions interwoven with entertainment and commerce.

Session 2: Are We Still Having An Apocalypse?

The public narrative of the Retail Apocalypse dates back to the dawn of the Internet and ecommerce. For nearly twenty years, we’ve heard the end is coming for retail. Join our panelists for a discussion on the origin of the “Apocalypse”, if there’s any truth to it, and if not, why the narrative persists.

Session 3: The Omni Channel Dilemma: The Future of Shopping Places

Rather than seeing the shopping center as simply one of the available “channels” in a retail omnichannel strategy, we are discussing an omnichannel strategy for the shopping center itself and how this can drive sales for tenants and meet consumer needs at the same time. Hear from an innovative retail real estate company offering the first shopping center ecommerce marketplace in Europe, and other industry insiders for a candid conversation on the potential and challenges of going omnichannel.

Session 4: "Keeping Score": Metrics, Measurements, and Data of Retail Property Performance

As we have seen with consumers, the fundamentals of the retail real estate business are evolving. Successful landlords, retail tenants and analysts are measuring new parts of the business. We’ll discuss how technology is driving new measurements and how they are being leveraged to benefit the industry.

Session 5: Perspectives On Asia Pacific Retail

Asia Pacific is a retail powerhouse driven by economic and social developments, population growth, and changing consumer trends, coupled with rising purchasing power. Get inspired and see what’s next.

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1 day
16 panelists
2 categories
Reimagining the Form & Function of Shopping Places: Physical - Digital - Experiential 10 November 2021, 03:00 AM
Moderator: John Dee, Matthias Hollwich & Terry Shook
Perspectives On Asia Pacific Retail 10 November 2021, 07:00 AM
Sara Fang Horton, Jason Cheong, Moderator: John Dee & Tiffany Lau
The Omni Channel Dilemma: The Digital Future of Shopping Places 10 November 2021, 05:00 AM
Peter Tonstad, Stian Tørres, Moderator: John Dee & Colleen Heydon
Reimagining the Form & Function of Shopping Places: Physical - Digital - Experiential 10 November 2021, 03:00 AM
Moderator: John Dee, Matthias Hollwich & Terry Shook

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